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Our Areas of Expertise Include:
Chimney Cleanings
Chimney Lining
Chimney Caps & Dampers
Chimney Repairs
Video inspections
Clean-out doors
Installing metal chimneys
Carbon monoxide problems
New heating equipment venting

How do I know if I need a chimney liner?
Every job varies in reasoning, but things to think about are:
  • If the house is old
  • Cleaning maintenance
  • Is it oil or was it ever oil?

All of these plus many more can play a factor in needing a chimney liner or not. We do free estimates, so give us a call and we will come by to give you our certified opinion for free.

How much does a liner cost?
Liner prices do fluctuate with a few different factors:

  • How many appliances
  • How big of a house
  • What kind of fuel in the chimney
  • Overall condition of the chimney

Do I need a chimney cap?
It would be a good idea to have a cap, covers keep out any animals and debris that could fall into the chimney and plug your flue, this then causing carbon monoxide in the home.

When should I have my fireplace cleaned/inspected?
The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) states that the fireplace and chimney should be inspected yearly for any structural faults. However, depending on the amount you use the fireplace you may need more frequent cleanings.

What does a white substance on the pipe connecting to my heating system and/or rotting flue pipe mean?
This white substance means that the flue gases are not drafting up the chimney, they are condensing in the pipe causing moisture. This could be from a plugged chimney or could also be caused by a cold chimney. (cold chimney being and exterior chimney not heated by the warmth of the house)

What does loose brick mean?
Loose brick at the top of your chimney means the mortar joints between the brick have deteriorated. This can happen from years of ice and snow freezing and thawing and wearing away the crown, the top layer of cement, and now is working its way down the brick. It also is a good indication that the liner the house was built with never went to the top or itself has deterioated.

Black soot is seeping through in the attic, Why?
In most cases, if soot is seeping through the chimney in the attic, there is not a liner in the chimney or the liner has deterioated to an unsafe condition.

What does brown burn marks mean on top af my heater or water heater?
This is a clear indication the chimney is not venting properly. Either the chimney is plugged or the venting system is inadiquate for the current heater and water heater.

Why does my fireplace smoke?
Smoke coming into the room when you have a fire could be for a variety of reasons. You may have a blocked chimney. The flue size may be too small for the fireplace. The chimney may be too short or the homes and trees surrounding the home may be too tall and affecting your chimneys ability to draft. There are many solutions. Only a certified sweep can properly asses the problem and make suggestions. Sometimes a simple opening of a window in the room 1 inch may improve the situation. An adjustment in the fireplace damper may also help.

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